For too many populations in the developing world, lack of access to basic resources heavily contributes to the hardship of their life conditions: Drinking contaminated water, operating schools or medical centres without adequate power supply, suffering hunger as a consequence of the low efficiency of agricultural practices are some of the many manifestations of the problem, which has also to be solved considering a post carbon perspective. Innovative digital and ecological technologies start to bring some limited solutions. In some cases, their implementation may be based on a "social enterprise" model under which financial breakeven can be reached from the sale of production, securing a sustainable dimension to their social and environmental impact. Tsadik seeks to help organizations working towards deploying them in the field.


ENEA Consulting specialises in the energy sector and sustainable development

recent Granted projects


Deliver electric power to low-income African households

Blue energy

Connects the unserved to clean water, energy and other basic service in Nicaragua

1001 fontaines

Allow small isolated rural communities to supply their minimum requirements for drinking water by enabling them to purify available sources of water


Electricity providing station In rural villages of Benin supplied with locally produced biofuel


linking Cambodia's farmland producers to local and international urban consumers

Map of recent granted projects


1001 Fontaines - French

ALBA project - english

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