Tsadik’ Jewish founding family is attached to the idea of a vibrant Jewish culture and spirituality, and is aspiring to see Israel reach a situation of regional peace and internal harmony. To that second aim, the Foundation support organizations that pursue a better integration of Israeli-Arab citizens into the country’s civil society.


New Israel Fund : fight for democratic change within Israel, social justice and equality for all Israelis


Israel Venture Network : Investing in entrepreneurship, the Israel Venture Network strives to promote sustainable social change in Israel

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The Committee for Educational Guidance for Arab Students is dedicated to advancing higher education in the Palestinian Arab community in Israel


empowers young people to take active responsibility and encourages social involvement, community voluntarism and leadership in Palestinian society within Israel


Individual initiatives in French Jewish community life


A social enterprise assisting youth at risk in Tirat Carmel through education and business entrepreneurship


Program against racism and antisemitism


Change the employment state of women in Negev through empowerment of women by means of fair employment and professional training

TSADIK’s Palestinian-Israeli Fellowship Program

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New Israel Fund

Israel Venture Network

Tsadik Foundation